25 5-Minute Hairdos

That Will Transform Your Morning Routine

Bethany Kosten, Brit + Co

Let’s get real for just a sec. Most mornings, the snooze button gets priority over a few extra minutes of primping. We all know what it’s like to roll out of bed post-snoozing, only to stare into the mirror in absolute horror. You’ve got to get that mane under control. Lucky for you, we have solutions. Fast solutions. When a little extra sleep helps you get gorgeous (it’s called beauty rest for a reason) and your new warm weather hair routine only takes minutes, it’s a win-win situation. So go ahead, sleep in. With these quick ‘n’ easy spring hairdos, you can be well-rested and totally put together. After all, it’s spring, and you deserve to feel as fresh and beautiful as the season.

1. Undone Bun: Hair that looks only half-done is in, peopleThis undone bun is one way to show off your length yet still keep your locks somewhat under control — all in less than five minutes. (via The Beauty Department)

2. Textured Ponytail: With the help of a few bobby pins and some texturizing spray, this messy pony can be all yours. By criss-crossing your hair, pinning, then finishing up with a tiny hair tie, you can leave the house looking put together even when your hair only took you a few minutes. (via All The Small Things)

3. Pinned Half Up Half Down: The perfect hairstyle for when you’re rushing out for an event, this beautiful half-pinned style screams elegance. Add a bit of baby’s breath into the look, and instantly you look like you actually tried. We especially dig this look when it’s done with ombre hair! (via Twist Me Pretty)

4. Two Strand Boho Braid: After a couple twisting and pinning motions, and you’ll be left with this braided look that is giving us major bohemian vibes. You can also style this look with all your hair, and make it into an updo! (via Our Body Book)

5. Knotted Halfie: For some messy yet romantic vibes, try this easy half-up hairstyle. After giving your hair a quick curl or wave, you can follow the steps in this tutorial and fall in love with the outcome for any occasion this spring. The imperfection of that knotty braid is everything. (via All The Small Things)

6.  Twist and Pin: If you’re not one for messy hairstyles and want to opt for something a bit more polished, look no further. This look will take you less than five minutes (but, hey, no one needs to know that, right?!), and it will have you looking chic and fancy like you actually got it done at the salon. (via Bumble and Bumble)

7. Easy Laid Back Waves: We all love those textured waves that we see when scrolling through our Pinterest feeds, and luckily this tutorial tells us exactly how to achieve them. Ideal for second-day hair, these tousled waves are super easy to recreate. (via I Covet Thee)

8. Waterfall Braid: You could cure your spring hair boredom with a new cut… or embrace your locks and try the waterfall braid instead. Totally chic. (via How to Chic)

9. Two Minute Easy Updo Tutorial: We couldn’t believe that this hairstyle can be achieved in two minutes! Glorious things happen on the day when it only takes two minutes to look this sophisticated. (via Henry Happened)

10. Half Crown Braid: Braid a two-inch strand of hair on both sides of your head (above your ear), then angle around the back of your head and secure with bobby pins. Adorn your braids with sparkly pins, clips or flowers to add a little special something to the look. (via Hair Romance)

11. Scarf Wrapped Low Bun: Put a scarf on it! You’ve got the 60 second messy bun down to a science. Now take that bun from blah to ooh la la with a pretty printed scarf. (via The Shine Project)

12. DIY Hair Bow Bun Tutorial: It’s sassy. It’s sweet. Go ahead — sport a hair bow! This bun can be pulled together in less than five minutes. Looks like you even have time for morning coffee! (via Mr. Kate)

13. The Perfect Braided Headband: This means the end of panic-induced searches though every drawer in your bathroom to find your go-to headband. We’re calling an end to the lost headband nonsense. Why? This tutorial shows you just how beautiful your hair can be when braided into a headband. You’re gonna love it! (via The Shine Project)

14. Tousled Top Knot: Those magical rays of spring sunshine are bringing up temps. While we’re lovin’ the sun, warmer days mean that this chic updo is going on heavy rotation. (via Beauty Tutorials)

15. Quick and Easy Beach Waves and Side Fishtail: You can use your straightener to create beach waves! Who knew? We’re tickled to discover this technique for creating easy breezy beachy hair. (via Barefoot Blonde)

16. Low Chignon Hair: We love the look of this textured chignon. This hairdo performs best with unwashed hair and plenty of pomade product! (via The Small Things Blog)

17. Side Braided Hairstyle: Impress your friends with this uber stylish braid. This Dutch braid is basically an inside-out French braid. (via Hair Romance)

18. The Clothesline Bow: We know, ponytails can be a bit of a snooze… but this one’s anything but ordinary. Rock this grown-up-woman-approved side pony! (via Locks and Locks of Hairstyles)

19. Triple Twisted Ponytail: Ever feel like your hair has a mind of its own? When you’re short on time and the hair’s being stubborn, let it do it’s thing. Tease a little, twist a little and voila! You’re beautiful! (via Twist Me Pretty)

20. TBD Inspired Short Hair Chignon: This ‘do is great for gals with shoulder-length (or shorter) hair. We couldn’t leave out our bob-lovin’ friends! (via Bye Bye Beehive)

21. Messy Beach Wavy Curls: April showers give hair… new powers? Good news if you’re among those whose hair tends to get a bit frightful during humid weather. It’s the year of the undone hair. Mixed textures are in! Go for the tousled look (on purpose) and fret less when rain clouds start to form. Natural hair, don’t care. (via The Wiegands)

22. Put a Bow on it: A simple bow adds instant shebang to long locks. Tease hair at the crown before pulling the front back for added oomph. (via Camille Styles)

23. The Knotted Bun: Pony, twist, tuck and pin. Four simple steps and you’ve pulled off an elegant style with casual flair. Pretty enough for a wedding, relaxed enough for everyday. (via Once Wed)

24. Enchanted Garden Braid: Spring’s most gorgeous beauty trend is wearing flowers in your hair. Because, go away, winter! (via Burnett’s Boards)

25. French Braid Bun Hair: Easy to execute. Stunningly elegant. What more could you want in a hairdo? (via Once Wed)

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